2018 Online Streaming Description!

The Atlanta Breast Surgery Symposium themed “The Future of Breast Surgery: Is it Aesthetic or Reconstructive?” will provide comprehensive presentations covering reconstructive surgery and cosmetic breast surgery. The meeting always begins with live surgery one of the many highlights of the program. This is televised live from Northside Hospital to the Intercontinental Hotel attendees and – LIVE, on-line streaming nationally and internationally. The program includes worldwide experts who clearly present their techniques in breast surgery. The live surgery will include Dr. Bill Adams performing a mastopexy with absorbable mesh, Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel performing a male breast reduction, Dr. Ed Buchel performing a delayed breast reconstruction with DIEP flap and Dr. Mitch Brown showing a video on transgender breast surgery male to female. Didactic sessions on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday will follow – please view our program for details.